Love TEAse strings together the ultimate of sexy exotics to classic favourites to create a luscious & edgy selection of delectable loose-leaf tea fusions.

From our premium, traditional range to playful, fruity and spicy blends, we taste, smell and indulge away in creating a awesomely unique range of products with enhanced flavour that kicks and punches from the first sip to the last drops in the pot, TEAsing the new and tantalising the most particular of purveyors.

From the tea room

Get to know us!

Love TEAse is one tea lover’s fascination and inspiration, venturing from the basic “white with one” to a world of flavour, healing power and exotic twists and turns. Sound familiar?

Love TEAse’s founder Adele Van Esch has been committed to sharing her passion for tea since discovering its potential and healing power as a saviour during a time in need. As any tea drinker knows, there is more ritual, care, expertise and consideration behind the humble pot or infusion than the barista’s brew…

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