We know when you love tea, you love TEA!

Tea is our passion, just like yours, from its health and healing benefits that date back thousands of years, to the ritual of brewing and serving, and the exotic blends we savour today with sting and bite exciting a new generation of tea purveyors. 
Our boutique range is designed to appeal to all tastes and for all occasions. We dig high and low to source the very best ingredients, using premium leaf and high-quality flavours from local and international growers. Every tea is made by hand, blended mindfully to ensure optimum flavour and discerning balance, serving up tea with attitude one pot at a time. 
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Our Story

Love TEAse is one tea lover’s fascination and inspiration, venturing from the basic “white with one” to a world of flavour, healing power and exotic twists and turns. Sound familiar?! 
Love TEAse’s founder Adele Van Esch has been committed to sharing her passion for tea since discovering its potential and healing power as a saviour during a time in need. As any tea drinker knows, there is more ritual, care, expertise and consideration behind the humble pot or infusion than the barista’s brew. Adele quickly realised that tea wasn’t just a hot-drink filler during the day or a mindless dunking of a dry bag of dust in hot water.

Not before too long she had dived towards a journey of experimenting with flavours, tastes, exotic combinations and healing blends, served as one-cup infusions to glass pot tinctures and the finest of bone china tea sets…. finding out along the way how wonderful tea is for the soul, a buzz for the senses and a fun, elegant treat to share with others on any occasion. 
That’s what a Love TEAse tea shares with you. The love of ritual. The love of flavours. The love of healing power. And the love of making tea your own. Just like we have.