Go Green with Envy..!

Turn over a new leaf & explore the wonderful world of green tea! Used medicinally in China for over 4,000 years it is still today renowned for it’s lengthy legion of health & wellbeing benefits. Green tea is simply the ideal, nutritious & enticing way to indulge…

Like black tea, green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant (the tea plant) however unlike black tea it is completely unfermented. Due to lesser processing, green tea naturally retains a higher level of antioxidants, and significantly lower levels of caffeine.

Green TEAse are pleasantly subtle & lightly sweet. There are numerous varieties and qualities of green tea all boasting their own individual qualities & characteristics. Love TEAse ventures to source only the highest qualities of green tea bases ensuring optimal flavour & health benefits.

Green tea is best enjoyed as is. Add sugar or honey to sweeten if desired. Green teas, particularly flavoured varieties make amazingly refreshing ice teas in the warmer months.

Always remember with all green teas not to use boiling water! The leaves are super delicate & can easily burn if steeped in boiling water, resulting in a bitter astringency. 80-degree water temperature is optimal. The easiest way to avoid burning your tea is to pour 20% of cold water into your teacup; then add boiling water to fill, & always steep your tea last..! Easy 😉

The Good Stuff….

Green tea is widely considered by health professionals, as a ‘super food’ because of it’s countless health benefits & features:

  • Research has suggested that green tea can stop the growth & spread of cells that cause cancer.
  • Green tea has been shown to prevent diabetes, as it helps prevent sugar being broken down and being absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Studies suggest green tea has anti-ageing properties.
  • Regular consumption of green tea has been shown to help lower cholesterol.
  • Green tea is an effective immune booster, and helps to fight viruses.
  • Research has suggested green tea helps speed up metabolism and promotes weight loss.