Why can’t we all just get Oolong…?!

Welcome to our best-selling, always high in demand Love TEAse “TEAtox” range, hand created to support healthy digestion, cleansing & detoxing the body, as well as effectively aiding in weight loss.

Oolong is the ultimate TEAtox Tea. Prevent to aid with speeding up the metabolism & promoting weight loss. Best results are achieved by drinking before & after meals.

‘Oolong’ translates to ‘Black Dragon’ named after the complex shape of the leaves reminiscent of a Chinese dragon. It is  ‘semi-fermented’ making it is less processed than the unfermented black tea yet more processed than the unfermented green tea. Because it falls somewhere in between black & green tea, it uniquely shares characteristics of both.

Oolong tea is best served as is, sweeten if desired with sugar or honey. Oolong can be re-infused up to 3 times so don’t throw those leaves away!! The more you brew the leaves, the more intense the “TEAtox”!! Oolong tea in it’s natural form has a distinct savory flavour with nutty tones.

The Good Stuff…

  • Studies have shown Oolong promotes weight loss. The polyphenol compound found in oolong tea is very effective in controlling fat metabolism of the body, by breaking down fat making it easier for the body to process. Acting as a natural fat burner it also prevents the accumulation of fat in the belly region.
  • Oolong tea is eminent in aiding digestion & is recommended for those experiencing, ulcers, acid reflux, & bloating. Also paramount in general cleansing & detoxing.
  • Oolong tea is will get your skin glowing! It prevents skin damage and also hyperpigmentation, and thus, works great for people that have sagging or sun damaged skin. It also helps to alleviate symptoms related to skin disorders, like dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis.